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CONGRATULATIONS to Mary Teague for her being awarded the Texas ALP Legal Professional of the Year. 


~~~Input from the Bar to the Civil Section of the Local Rules/WDTX~~~

As suggested by members of the Bar of the Western District of Texas, and with the approval of our district judges, Chief Judge Fred Biery recently appointed a committee to review and recommend revisions to the Civil Section of the Local Court Rules for the WDTX (CV -1 thru CV-88). The co-chairs of this committee are U. S. District Judge Philip R. Martinez and U. S. Magistrate Judge John W. Primomo, with U. S. District Judge Lee Yeakel serving as an additional judicial member.

To ensure that revisions of civil local rules are conducted in an expeditious and thorough manner, the committee is seeking input from all attorneys who are currently admitted to practice in the WDTX. If you have any suggestions on how these civil local rules can be simplified and/or enhanced, please submit comments via the link below:

For your reference, the following is a link to the Civil Section of the Local Court Rules:

The committee thanks you for your assistance on this project.

William G. Putnicki  - Clerk of Court


“Waco LPA was recently a recipient of a NALS Foundation Grant.  This grant will allow WLPA to provide updated study materials to members interested in taking the ALS, PLS and PP NALS Certification exams. Waco LPA is honored to receive this grant and extremely grateful of the NALS Foundation for making this possible.”