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Waco Legal Professionals Association (Waco LPA) is a chartered chapter of NALS…the association for legal professionals, which is dedicated to enhancing the competencies and contributions of members in the legal services profession, and the Texas Association of Legal Professionals.

                                    Primary Goals and Objectives

Waco LPA is a nonunion, nonpartisan, nonpolitical, and nonprofit professional educational association whose primary goals and objectives are:

·        Continuing legal education through programs at regular monthly meetings and sponsorship and attendance at seminars;

·        Development of network within the legal community to provide service to the bench and bar; and

·        Certification in specialized areas.


Professionalism plus education equals excellence.

                                               Code of Ethics

Each member of Waco LPA is required to subscribe to the Code of Ethics of NALS as follows:

Members are bound by the objectives of this association and the standards of conduct required by the legal profession. Every member shall...

•  Encourage respect for the law and the administration of justice;

•  Observe rules governing privileged communications and confidential information;

•  Promote and exemplify high standards of loyalty, cooperation, and courtesy;

•  Perform all duties of the profession with integrity and competence; and

•  Pursue a high order of professional attainment.

                                              A Brief History

Waco LPA was organized in July 1956 and received its National Charter in September 1956. The following brief history of the chapter’s beginnings was compiled from information taken from A History of Waco Legal Secretaries Association (Texas), 3rd printing.

It was past NALS Vice President, Connie Parmelee, who invited ten legal secretaries to lunch one day in July 1956, for the purpose of organizing a local association of National Association of Legal Secretaries and the Texas Association of Legal Secretaries to be known as the Waco Legal Secretaries Association (Waco LSA). The one-hour meeting, held in the small conference room of Downtown Elite, resulted in a unanimous vote to form a chapter and the election of Kitty Hawthorne as temporary president.

The following week the second required meeting (to make application for charter) was held on the patio of the home of the temporary president, at which time elaborate plans were discussed to launch a charter-membership dinner meeting within thirty days.  The important event materialized the last week in August at the Roosevelt Hotel and forty charter members resulted.

During the interim of two months, pending the receipt of its National Charter, the chapter had executed the two required organizational meetings, elected officers, appointed its committee chairmen, reproduced its bylaws, printed a yearbook, published a monthly bulletin, and had delegate representation at the NALS Convention held in Fort Worth.

History was recorded the last week in September when the installation-charter dinner meeting was held in the Roosevelt Hotel Ballroom and the National Charter, dated September 22, 1956, was presented.  Waco LSA was chapter No. 65 in NALS and No. 8 in Texas ALS.

With fourteen new members acquired during the ensuing months, the Waco Association began a full-scale program with a total membership of fifty-four dedicated members.

                         ~~~~ Other Dates of Note ~~~~

September 1956 -- Waco LSA issued the first local bulletin.  The Briefcase was later adopted as its official publication in August 1957.

1957 -- first Day in Court; initial legal education study course; commenced an annual scholarship award

August 1969 -- Scholarship Memorials program adopted 


Membership in Waco Legal Professionals Association is for all members of the legal services industry.  Anyone involved in work of a legal nature may join, including:  Legal Secretaries, Legal Assistant / Paralegals, Court Reporters, Process Servers, In-House Legal Administrative Staff, Other Legal Administrative Professionals, and Attorneys.

Membership in Waco LPA affords you opportunities for continuing legal education, growth in your chosen profession, networking with others in the local community, state, region and nation, access to quality publications, and the latest trends in technology and the Internet.

Our tri-level association is visionary, and many new programs and benefits are being planned.  As a member, you receive a substription to the award-winning quarterly publication @Law, bi-monthly E-News, as well as The Docket and The Briefcase.  You also receive reduced rates for seminars and certification programs, and numerous other benefits.  Most importantly, you are offered the opportunity to improve yourself, both personally and professionally, through the education and leadership training made available to you.  

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